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The highest Self requires the deepest grounding,
just as 
the tallest trees have the strongest roots.

Our healing doesn't start in the sky. 
It starts in the deep dark soil.

Fully living through the sensational, intelligent

miracle of our bodies is possible.

We are our own healers.

Beloved Roots Nutrition is a holistic, evidence-based method to mind-body wellness that promotes the benefits of nutrient-dense healing foods for healing the gut, as well as feeding the brain.


We use free-form amino acids to naturally and effectively address four main depleted neurotransmitter systems for mood support as well as trauma and addiction treatment. The systems we work on restoring are serotonin, catecholamines, GABA, and endorphins.  

Bio-individualized nutrition together with amino acid therapy can help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, insomnia, sugar cravings, alcoholism, among others.

Why must we work with the body? 

Stress and trauma directly impacts the nervous system, which impacts our capacity to nourish and take care of ourselves.


It makes it difficult to feel at home in our bodies. Feeding and taking care of a body we don’t feel safe in, or don’t trust, or can’t feel is not easy. 

Stress and trauma may have interrupted our natural unfolding by trapping

our developing bodies in a cycle of overactivation and immobilization. 

We may have disassociated for years, living in a space somewhere outside of our body. As a result, unable to recognize our own innate wisdom for healing. 

Bringing awareness to this can offer a path for change. 

Our bodies are the vehicles for our awakening.

Nutrition is not usually part of

trauma treatment


Despite the advances of therapy over the last 30 years, there is often limited to no inclusion of nutrition as part of the trauma treatment.

However, diet and nutrition can serve as powerful tools to influence change in both the body and brain if you have experienced trauma.

Why is nutrition so important

for healing trauma?

Nutrition is a crucial ingredient to repairing our brain's

neural pathways, as the brain is 60% fat. It has the capacity

to continually adapt and rewire itself.  But we must nourish

with adequate supply of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and

minerals for optimal healing. 



Client-centered: Rooted in the principles of loving-kindness and service, I seek to honor your wisdom, knowledge, and experience. I believe that each client is unique and is able and capable of guiding their own process.

Trauma-informed: I understand how oppression and trauma can affect our relationship with food and body. This is an important context for our work together. 


Moving away from diet culture and body shaming
Educating about whole, nutrient-dense foods and the foundations of nutrition
Understanding and trusting body signals

Bringing awareness to old stories and beliefs
Resolving and releasing symptoms of trauma  
Creating new habits and ways of being in alignment with your desired life
Developing individualized practices and routines that result in deep healing 


"Nikki is a Godsend. 
Originally I reached out to her for help with a protocol to restore my body after antidepressants. What I received was so much more. She’s so patient and warm and authentic. A true treasure chest of knowledge and support. I’m rebuilding my health and wellness with her guidance and learning so much on the way. Now, I call her a friend." - Jessica K.
"Throughout my life I've always suffered from anxiety and depression. For awhile it was incredibly crippling and caused me a lot of stress.....when I met Nikki, I knew that changing my diet and getting educated about nutrition would help, but the shifts it had in my anxiety as well as my digestive issues and fatigue was life changing. I valued this plan because I felt incredibly supported through the process. Not only was I given guidelines to follow, but any time I felt lost or had a question, she was prompt about providing me with answers and did so with genuinity. Nutrition was something I avoided often because it appeared complex, but have no fear! Nikki is incredible at simplifying your plan and adjusting the terminology for you to understand. ​If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have the connection with my body as I do now or the confidence."
-Kayla H.
I suffer from anxiety, brain fog, headaches, neck pain, and indigestion. Nikki recommended some natural supplements that have helped with some of these symptoms I experience. She also suggested that I avoid certain foods and recommended some foods that I should incorporate into my diet. I highly recommend working with Nikki. Her knowledge and holistic approach has really helped me with my journey of living a healthier life. 
-Lisa T.
Getting on the GAPS diet for my son with Autism was very overwhelming. But I was very satisfied and pleased with the results. I am very grateful for all the help I got trying to figure out when and what foods to introduce when there is a leaky gut issue he's been dealing with for years. My son is doing well and enjoying life much more than he did before. 
-Ana A.

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