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The mind in union with the body can heal in
ways that no one has allowed you to believe.

Fully living through the sensational, intelligent

miracle of our bodies is possible.

We are our own healers.


Nutrition & Somatic Healing can help
Regulate the nervous system to improve sleep, digestion, and overall health
Resolve symptoms of trauma or chronic stress
Release suppressed emotions 

Cultivate a compassionate relationship with yourself and others
Create new habits and ways of being in alignment with your desired life
Develop individualized home practices and routines that result in the healing you desire
Reduce autoimmune issues, insomnia, and chronic pain
Access your own innate ability to heal
Expand capacity to connect and communicate authentically

I believe that true healing comes when we work in tandem with both mind and body.


Because all of our mental diseases are diseases of the body as well.  


When I began my journey of personal transformation, I did not understand that the pull to somatic (body-based) healing was a call of my ancestors.


I was being pulled to embody all the gifts my mother could not and ultimately lost her life suppressing. I was being pulled to feel the things my grandmother had no language for.

My body knew the language. However, it spoke in illness, pains, aches, and rage.


During this process, I discovered gifts hidden beneath these repressed emotions. These gifts were the sensations, intuition, and creativity of my lineage.


When I stopped trying to push these parts away, I wondered what would happen if I let them grow. They grew into my practice today. 


The body is always trying to speak to us. 


Our body carries our stories in our cells, bones, blood, muscles, and

tissues – stories of wounding, pain, and trauma as well as stories of

safety, strength, pleasure, and beauty.

Accepting our emotions, allowing ourselves to feel them, and learning to communicate them constructively and appropriately, allows them to move through us easily and naturally.


This enables the full free flow of the life force through our physical bodies, which brings emotional and physical healing.


Experiencing feelings = free flowing energy =

emotional and physical health and well-being.

With support and loving awareness, we can continue on this journey with ease and understanding, knowing that suffering need not to freeze our souls. 


Our bodies are the vehicles for our awakening.


To this, I am devoted to with every step I take.


To reconnect with spirit, to life, the earth, and each other.


Why does my body not know that the trauma is over when my brain does?

Trauma that goes unresolved becomes imprinted in our bodies. We get stuck in the autonomic activity that initially helped us survive. Our brain may know that the trauma is over, but our body still lives as if the threat is still very real and present.


Our emotions are an important part of the life force that is constantly moving through us. If we don't allow ourselves to fully experience our emotions, we stop the natural flow of that life force. Energy gets blocked in our physical bodies and may remain that way for years or even a lifetime, unless it is released. This leads to emotional and physical pain and disease. Repressed feelings = blocked energy = emotional and physical ailments.

"Nikki is a Godsend. 
Originally I reached out to her for help with a protocol to restore my body after antidepressants. What I received was so much more. She’s so patient and warm and authentic. A true treasure chest of knowledge and support. I’m rebuilding my health and wellness with her guidance and learning so much on the way. Now, I call her a friend." - Jessica K.
"Throughout my life I've always suffered from anxiety and depression. For awhile it was incredibly crippling and caused me a lot of stress.....when I met Nikki, I knew that changing my diet and getting educated about nutrition would help, but the shifts it had in my anxiety as well as my digestive issues and fatigue was life changing. I valued this plan because I felt incredibly supported through the process. Not only was I given guidelines to follow, but any time I felt lost or had a question, she was prompt about providing me with answers and did so with genuinity. Nutrition was something I avoided often because it appeared complex, but have no fear! Nikki is incredible at simplifying your plan and adjusting the terminology for you to understand. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have the connection with my body as I do now or the confidence." 
-Kayla H. 

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