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Water Empowers the Body's Natural Healing Process

Hydration is so key to feeling our best. Drinking water is the cheapest thing we can do to better our health!

Dr. Batmangheligj, author of Your Body's Many Cries For Water, explains that dehydration is the root cause of stress, chronic pains, and most major degenerative diseases of the human body. If we educate ourselves to understand the healing benefits of water and use it to treat the body, many of our pain symptoms can be remedied. His book accounts for over 10 years of feedback from people who have cured their diseases with water. Dr. Batmangheligj has treated well over 3,000 people with dyspeptic pain.

He writes, "If only medical professionals would realize that the drought in the internal environment of cells in the body impacts the enzymatic activity of the DNA and RNA structure of the nucleus of the cells too. Most of the malfunctions of these genes is secondary to the missing action of water in the interior of the cells. Water should be present in adequate quantities for these genes to efficiently perform their obligations within the physiological and biochemical functions of the body."

Pains in the body that can't be easily explained as injury or injection should be interpreted as signals of chronic water shortage in that area, before being treated with pharmaceutical drugs. Some of these pain signals are:

  • heartburn

  • rheumatoid pain

  • back pain

  • heart pain

  • migraines

  • hangover headaches

  • leg pain on walking

Water is immediately more effective in a dehydrated person than the chemical compound of medication! When the body is in urgent need of water, nothing else can substitute. However in current medicine, doctors are quick to prescribe chemicals to their patients, blaming a "disease" when actually the symptoms the patient is experiencing are symptoms of dehydration. A recent study from Tufts University found that mild dehydration -- a loss of just 1 to 2 percent of body weight as water -- was enough to impair thinking. If it turns into full-blown dehydration, it could cause an imbalance in electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which aid muscles and heart function.

Healing properties of water

  • Improves oxygen delivery to cells

  • Transports nutrients

  • Enables cellular hydration

  • Flushes toxins

  • Improves cell to cell communication

  • Maintains natural property of cells

  • Empowers the body's natural healing process

We might often think we are drinking enough water especially when we don't feel thirsty but dry mouth is the very last sign of dehydration. This is because humans lose their sensation and perception of needing water as we age. If the body's water content drops by as little as 2%, it will cause fatigue. A drop of 10% will cause significant health complications. Anything greater than 10% can cause death.

How much water do we need daily?

The minimum oz. per day is your body weight (lbs) divided by 2

For example, someone weighing 120 lb should consume 60 oz.

*** However, for every 8 oz of a diuretic beverage (coffee, caffeinated tea, soda, alcohol, packaged fruit juice) you consume, add 12-16 oz of water to your daily intake.

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