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IFS (Internal Family Systems) – A transformative, evidence-based psychotherapy that helps people heal by accessing and loving their protective and wounded inner parts. They believe that the mind is naturally multiple and that is a good thing. Just like members of a family, inner parts are forced from their valuable states into extreme roles within us. 

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy - A therapeutic modality for trauma and attachment issues. SP welcomes the body as an integral source of information which can guide resourcing and the accessing and processing of challenging, traumatic, and developmental experience. SP is a holistic approach that includes somatic, emotional, and cognitive processing and integration.

Strength Of All Parts (SOAP) Chart - A psycho-educational tool help reduce shame, confusion, and a sense of being alone in our responses to human struggle. 

Somatic Experiencing - A body oriented approach to healing trauma and other stress disorders, founded by Dr. Peter A. Levine 

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) - A body based modality to release muscular patterns of stress, tension, and trauma, founded by Dr. David Berceli 

The Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma. Dr. Colin A. Ross is an internationally renowned clinician, researcher, author and lecturer in
the field of dissociation and trauma-related disorders. 

Trauma Informed Practice - Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy® and Trauma-Informed Art Therapy® are approaches developed by Dr. Cathy Malchiodi that integrate trauma-informed practices, "brain-wise" arts-based interventions and embodied awareness concepts to support trauma reparation and recovery. 

Weston A. Price Foundation
- Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and the Healing Arts

Attachment-Based Yoga and Meditation for Trauma Recovery: Safe, Simple and Effective Practices for Psychotherapy by Deirdre Fay

Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD

Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors: Overcoming Internal Self-alienation by Janina Fisher

Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body by Peter Levine 

Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert

Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health: A Complete Guide to the Food-Mood Connection by Leslie Korn

Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga: Reclaiming Your Body by David Emerson and Elizabeth Hopper 

The Anti-
Anxiety Food Solution by Trudy Scott

The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel Van der Kolk

The Mind-Gut Connection: How the Hidden Conversation Within our Bodies Impacts Our Mood by Emeran Myer 

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