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Personalized 6 Week Nutrition and Supplement Plan 


Let me help guide you to discover your innate ability to heal naturally with safe, integrative remedies. 

Based on your personal in-depth health assessment, this plan aims to provide the necessary nutrients and energy to support the body's healing process.


The plan will consist of key nutrients of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, herbs, supplements and healing protocols that are entirely based on your bio-individual needs, as well as the NTA's 6 Foundations of Health: 

Diet (whole food, nutrient-dense)
Blood Sugar Balance
Mineral Balance

Fatty Acid Balance 

This requires completion of:

  • Initial interview questionnaire: an overview of your health goals, health/medical history, lifestyle stressors. 

  • Nutritional assessment questionnaire (NAQ): a comprehensive symptom analysis which provides insight into the functionality of organs and organ systems in the body. It pinpoints potential dysfunction, deficiencies, and imbalances.

  • 3 day completed food and mood journal: this helps me to analyze your eating patterns, digestion, mood - all which is very important to my recommendations process.

Optional: You may choose to include amino acid therapy in your plan, to restore neurotransmitters for optimal mental wellness. 

The brain is a complex organ, but optimizing it to support improved mental health can be simple. Often it’s a matter of restoring neurotransmitters without harmful pharmaceuticals.

With targeted amino acids:

For many, this provides a safe and affordable means of supporting every day functioning and mood stability. See more about Amino Acid Therapy below

Pantry and Fridge Makeover

$88/1.5 hr session

This is a non-judgmental, educational coaching session where I come to your home and identify the most problematic foods and help teach you how to read nutrition labels and ingredients.

My goal is to create a safe space to educate and suggest healthy alternatives. 

This service not only encourages and promotes organization in your kitchen, it is also a great place to begin your transition to healthier eating.

Included with this service is a food guide to help you choose healthier options as well as a glossary of food additives to be aware of.

*Requires completion of client intake form. This will help me personalize your experience and prepare you for your highest achievement.

*This service is only offered locally.

GAPS Heal your Gut

60 Day Program


The GAPS program aims to clean up and heal the digestive tract so it stops being a major source of toxicity and starts to nourish the body again. It restores the immune system, and reduces symptoms associated with toxic overload. It rebalances intestinal bacteria, allowing for good digestion and for the whole body to return to a state of  balance.

Developed by Dr. Natasha McBride, GAPS is a gut healing protocol that removes all grains, starches, sugar, and processed food, then incorporates bone broths/meat stocks, healthy fats, meats, fruits, vegetables and fermented foods. 

This protocol has become well-known for its effectiveness in treating autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD), schizophrenia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, obsessive –compulsive disorder, bi-polar disorder and other neuro-psychological and psychiatric disorders.

It is ideal for those who suffer from food allergies and/or other food sensitivities. After a period of time being on this diet, one can slowly introduce different  foods back in small amounts as the gut lining heals.

This treatment approach revolves around 3 main principles:
1. Eliminating inflammatory foods
2. Repopulating the gut with beneficial bacteria
3. Detoxification

Healthy gut health is essential for the proper functioning of our bodies, and through the healing and sealing of the gut lining, many health issues can be corrected. 

Read more about Gut and Psychology Syndrome


As a trauma-informed practitioner, I understand that while our bodies may have been the seat of painful experiences, it is also the place where we begin the process of healing.

Because you are unique and your biochemistry is unique, creating a treatment protocol that is specifically tailored to your bio-individual needs is important. My wish is to instill hope, strength, relief, and propel you to make long lasting change.


What is Amino Acid Therapy?

Amino acid therapy is a non-addictive, natural, and safe way to use free-form amino acids as a supplement to boost your own levels of mood boosting neurotransmitters. 


5-HTP and Tryptophan boosts SEROTONIN

Feel positive, confident, flexible, and easygoing

Tyrosine and Phenylalanine boosts CATECHOLAMINES 

Feel energized, focused, upbeat, and motivated

GABA boosts itself (GABA)

Feel calm, relaxed, and stress free

DL-phenylalanine and D-phenylalanine boosts ENDORPHINS

Feel comfort, pleasure, and euphoria

Glutamine boosts ENERGY for all brain cells

Feel sense of stability, groundedness, and balance blood sugar to fight cravings and addiction

Amino acids usually crosses the blood-brain barrier and creates a mood shift within 20 minutes.

This often brings relief from many psycho-emotional symptoms, without the many side effects of pharmaceuticals.


You will not have to wait weeks or months to know if you’re using the right amino acid. The effects are immediately evident.


On average, an amino acid treatment is from 2-6 months.​

What is your mood type?

The Four Part Mood-Type Questionnaire will help to pinpoint which of your neurotransmitters may be inadequate. Using this knowledge, we can begin supplementation with the necessary free-form amino acids. 

Click on any of the below neurotransmitters to take the mood quiz associated. 

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