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"As traumatized children we always dreamed that someone would come and save us. We never dreamed that it would, in fact, be ourselves, as adults."

~ Alice Little

My name is Nikki Thuy Ngo


The purpose of my work is to assist people in making changes in their lives through supportive

guidance and education in nutrition and somatic therapy.

I work with those who are in the process of reclaiming their bodies.

Their voice. Their expression. I take my work as whole-heartedly as I do because
I too also have a history of trauma like many of my clients.

So many of us live our lives disconnected from our bodies. When I started doing this

compassionate, loving awareness work, I was able to find the space of worthiness within

myself, and so much healing came from that. And because it's such a powerful, transformational,

peaceful place, I long to help others find the same.

My story 

My life started in a refugee camp in Hong Kong, born to parents from two family lines with a history of depression, violence, addiction, and abuse. Childhood and teen years in the US were very isolating, and caused me to run away from my own pain. To cope, I turned to food and substances which caused inflammation and toxicity in my body. 

Trying to navigate this exposed me to Western medicine’s perspective of disease and the downfalls of the pharmaceutical industry. 

The turning point of my journey took place through finding my way back to my body. I began to consciously seek answers. I studied everything I could get my hands on about nutrition, natural healing modalities, and transformational change work. 


I started to figure out that it was my diet, specifically nutritional deficiencies and brain chemical imbalances that were causing my anxiety. And once I started to address that, much of the anxiety went away.


After learning how to heal my gut with healing nutrient-dense and probiotic foods, finding what foods and herbs supported my body - some of my mental hardships went away, but not all of it. 


Soon after, I was introduced to the power of amino acid therapy and how to bring neurotransmitters in the brain back to a normal level. This produced a renewed sense of energy and optimism that had been missing for the majority of my life. I couldn’t have imagined what true health really felt like without the power of nutrition and supplementation.


Later down the road, I dove into trauma work specifically somatic therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Emotional Freedom Technique. This led me to the bridge to acknowledging and healing the wounds of my own lineage through movement, expressive arts, and storytelling.

I learned new pathways to re-pattern old toxic ways. I found freedom from self-limiting beliefs, shame, low self-esteem, trauma, overwhelm  and overachieving and continue to prove my worth. I found freedom, vitality, ease and harmony in my own body. I learned to transmute and alchemize my pain into joy and connection.

These were all deeply practical tools for peeling off the layers and messaging that have become such an enmeshed part of our society - one that holds so many captive to a narrative that disempowers individual experiences. The result of this has been the handing over of our power to individuals and institutions and an inherent disconnect from our own wisdom. 

My entire being is filled with gratitude to those whose compassion has opened my heart and strengthened my faith in the resiliency of the human spirit. It was not long ago that I believed that I would never overcome my own suffering. Now I

know it is my life's purpose to help others along this path. 


I am so honored to share this knowledge. My wish for us all is that we remember that we are divinely designed with the power to heal encoded within us.  

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Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, NTP

Awarded by Nutritional Therapy Association

Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner, CGP

Trained by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and Chef Monica Corrado

Neuro Nutrition & Amino Acid Specialist 

Based off the work of Julia Ross' Mood Cure

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Accredited by Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association 

Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher

Awarded by NASW and Yoga Alliance

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