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“The medicine you offer to another will only penetrate as deep as you have healed yourself. The only way you can cultivate the compassion necessary to care for, love, and tend to the sick and wounded is if you have been sick and wounded yourself. The only way you can transform the spirit and soul of another through the power of the plants is if you have first been transformed by them in this way yourself. We are all wounded healers because we are supposed to be, for to heal the other in this way, we must first heal and know ourselves."

Excerpt from Evolutionary Herbalism: Science, Medicine, & Spirituality from the Heart of Nature by Sajah Popham

Nikki Thuy Ngo, NTP, CGP

I am a graduate of the Nutritional Therapy Association and hold an undergraduate 

degree in sociology. I am certified as a nutritional therapy practitioner, Gut and

Psychology Syndrome practitioner, Amino Acid Therapy specialist, and

trauma-informed yoga instructor. 


Over the years I’ve come to learn that the physical, mental, and spiritual parts of ourselves

work in synergy with one another. My mission is to help guide people to discover their innate

ability to heal themselves with natural and safe integrative remedies. 

My entire being is filled with gratitude to those whose compassion has opened

my heart and strengthened my faith in the resiliency of the human spirit. It was

not long ago that I believed that I would never overcome my own suffering. Now I

know it is my life's purpose to help others along this path. 

My story 

My childhood and teen years were permeated with abandonment, isolation, psychological and physical abuse. I developed a core wound of unworthiness at a very young age, spending a big portion of my life after that stuck in cycles of negative thought loops. To cope, I turned to food and substances which caused inflammation and toxicity in my body. The symptoms that evolved were chronic migraines, bloating, constipation, panic attacks, PMS, brain fog, low energy, and body aches. The doctors and specialists that I saw did not have answers. This exposed me to Western medicine’s perspective of disease and the downfalls of the pharmaceutical industry. It was about masking my symptoms but never about how truly take care of myself or what the root cause of my conditions were.

The turning point of my wellness journey took place through finding my way back to my body. Taking control of my health, I began to consciously seek answers. I studied everything I could get my hands on about nutrition, natural healing modalities, and transformational change work. In 2017, I discovered the Nutritional Therapy Association and learned how important nutrition is for mental health. I finished the program and became certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.


After learning how to heal my gut with healing nutrient-dense and probiotic foods, I learned how to harness the power of amino acid therapy and bring neurotransmitters in the brain back to a normal level. This produced a renewed sense of energy and optimism that had been missing for the majority of my life. I couldn’t have imagined what true health really felt like without the power of nutrition and supplementation. I began helping and guiding others on this healing journey.

In the year 2019, I became a mother. It was the biggest catalyst for my change. I made a promise to myself, my parents, ancestors, and generations to come. I would break the generational patterns of trauma, pain, and abuse. I dove into trauma work, inner child healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, and somatic healing. It is an ongoing journey but to be able to finally release layers of what was holding me back for so long, was such a liberation. 


To this day, I am still balancing my mental health and rebuilding my nervous system. I am always learning  I am so honored to share this knowledge, to help others who like me, felt lost in their bodies. My wish for us all is that we remember that we are divinely designed with the power to heal encoded within us. 

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Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, NTP

Awarded by Nutritional Therapy Association

Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner, CGP

Trained by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and Chef Monica Corrado

Neuro Nutrition & Amino Acid Specialist 

Based off the work of Julia Ross' Mood Cure

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Accredited by Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association 

Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher

Awarded by NASW and Yoga Alliance